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Our Culinary Journey
At Watan Kabob the premise is simple; we seek to tell our story through the food we serve. Inspired by nation's culinary specialties which reflect the ethnic and geographic diversity of the land of Afghanistan, certain dishes are influenced by memory or provenance of ingredients. We want to share these with you through what you see, smell and taste.
To help achieve, we will take your senses through a culinary journey of fresh Afghani healthy platters which includes sensational tasting bbq kabobs blended with traditional spices, secret sauces, and homemade traditional Qabuli Rice (rice topped with raisins and carrots), salad and bread, paired with a cup of green tea.
Our menu consists of rice and 100% halal kabob dishes, Veggie dishes, Traditional and Western Salads, Homemade Naan (afghan bread), wraps, fish, vegetarian meals, homemade fries and much more Not too spicy and not too bland, Just the right taste for everyone!
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