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A selection of juicy healthy BBQ kabobs, rice, salad dishes with sides

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  • Colin Quesenberry Avatar

    I Absolutely Love this place.. Can't say Enough Good things about it.. I Need it At least once A Week

    Colin Quesenberry 2/20/2016
  • Kacy Chohan Avatar

    Awesome Chicken Tandoori , Lamb shanks, kabobs. Yummiest in town and one of the best! Watan Kabob in Mississauga is the best!!

    Kacy Chohan 5/10/2016
  • Parie Meggie-May Avatar

    I love the Food. I am never disappointed , portions are a great size, always left overs . & tastes great re-heated , which is hard for most foods . I come from Barrie just to eat here .

    Parie Meggie-May 11/10/2015
  • Zarar Mughal Avatar

    Food is tasty good combination of tandoori chicken with rice salad sause and tandoori naan. They cook every thing fresh. Staff is friendly too

    Zarar Mughal 12/27/2016
  • Hina Syed Avatar

    Helpful staff, servers & food was prompt and sooo good. I like how presentable the portions were and very fresh taste of salad, juicy & flavour able chicken. Great prices. Came with a large group so we found great seating and washroom was clean. And even waiter was helpful in helping to take pics. Plus they were prompt at take out too. Thanks so much. Will come again.

    Hina Syed 9/22/2016
  • Stacey-Lee Wright Avatar

    I've had the kabobs and today tried the lambshank. Wow! The lamshanks were amazing. So flavoursome and I love all the sauces that come with the meals. The team is doing a great job with service and quality of food.

    Stacey-Lee Wright 11/26/2016
  • Syeda Tayyaba Alvi Avatar

    very tasty food and i want to come @ watan kabob again n again....

    Syeda Tayyaba Alvi 11/16/2014
  • Mehak Bano Avatar

    I loved the food! The chutney was too good. Plus I felt the portion sizes were quite sufficient. Helpful staff and a good ambiance. Might have preferred a bit more afghani touch in the atmosphere.

    Kudos! Would highly recommend.

    Mehak Bano 12/15/2016
  • Masouda Baryole Avatar

    Wonderful food and hospitality. Best afghan restaurant in town!

    Masouda Baryole 8/02/2015
  • Arsalan Ebadi Avatar

    Amazing food alongside exceptional service. The dining atmosphere is wonderful which adds to the overall experience. Been here many times and will be going back many many more times!

    Arsalan Ebadi 5/27/2014


Freshly made BBQ Kabobs, rice and side dishes made daily, we do not have freezers


We value a healthy eating lifestyle, offer choices of kabob with rice or just salad based on diet.


Our restaurant offers a pleasant atmosphere for both families and corporate gatherings and encourage a joyful dining experience by offering large portions with options to order extra skewers and sides.

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Tasty Fresh Juicy BBQ kabobs and delicious rice and salad dishes

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